You are not the same every day of the month.

The way you exercise doesn't have to be either.


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Workouts by Phase

Movement modalities to align with each phase of your cycle. Identify the phase you’re in and select from a series of workouts to meet you where you are and preserve energy levels all month long. 

The best at-home workout is the one you like doing.

We meet you where you are each day of the month with movement that honors your cyclical nature and the hormonal magic happening inside your body.


Workouts by Style

Workouts you love designed to support your body throughout your cycle. Choose a style and find a workout for the phase you’re in.

targeted muscle groups + mobility

steady-state movement to boost metabolism

high intensity to improve conditioning

breathwork + mindfulness practices

strength + stability with gentle movement

build lean muscle with dumbbells + bands

hatha, vinyasa flow, restorative

What People Are Saying

Many fitness programs schedule the same workouts over and over, and try to make exercise one-size-fits-all. That never felt good to my body. lunae has such a refreshing take on exercise—the workouts inherently align with my body and aren't part of a cookie-cutter plan that ignores my true physiology.

—Angie Madsen

I went so long without listening to my body—overexerting to prove that I could finish a program. lunae provided me the space to listen to my body. To work with my body instead of against it.

—Korine Koszarek

I enjoy the way I can come back to my body, tune into where I am in my cycle, and nurture myself while still challenging myself to grow. I find the workouts short enough to sneak in at the end of a long day and long enough that I feel accomplished afterwards.

—Gina Ruisi

<p><span class="text-lg">—Angie&nbsp;Madsen</span></p>, <br/>
<p><span class="text-lg">—Korine Koszarek</span></p>, <br/>
<p><span class="text-lg">—Gina Ruisi</span></p>, <br/>

Ways to Move by the Moon

Choose between a monthly membership or à la carte options that give you access to a roadmap of curated workouts in each phase. Support your body in motion with your cycle in mind.

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  • Access to the complete lunae library and all programs with 200+ workouts and movement practices.

  • New workouts added monthly

  • Option to pause, change, or cancel at anytime.

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  • Phasic practices that focus on a particular movement style, theme, or fitness goal.

  • Select from programs that offer PMS support, prenatal exercise, strength building, stress relief, and more!

Celebrate your cycle and move by the moon.

Accessible workouts designed to meet you where you are.